Special Offer Below
Special Offer from Teri
If you've experienced positive shifts from this group repatterning, here's an opportunity to continue the work of transformation by scheduling a series of private Resonance Repatterning sessions with me.

In this Session we'll work one-on-one to:

  1. Shift specific thoughts, beliefs and patterns.
  2. Clear destructive patterns and unconscious blocks
  3. Establish increased clarity and centeredness
  4. Renew your energy at a deep level
  5. Create beneficial insights in the days and weeks after your session.
While I normally charge $175 per single private session, the "Wildly Successful You" Repatterning Session, is available uniquely to you at a special introductory investment of $125.


Because I want to say thank you for showing up by signing up for the Group Repatterning.

Because Mercury Retrograde can chaotic time and this makes it easy for you to commit to your own transformation.

And because stepping up and investing in yourself is a big deal!

Choosing to reserve your spot is a way of saying yes.

Yes to you!
Yes to your vision!
Yes to your own wild success
Teri Bybee
Teri Bybee is the founder of The Risk Repatterning Initiative and Women Who Risk. She brings her track record as an accomplished facilitator with 21 years of experience teaching, training and coaching.

The Risk Repatterning Initiative is about rising above old patterns that no longer serve so we can finally embrace all of our power and all of who we are as women.

Teri has an immense desire to support women in joyfully taking risks, overcoming their fears and transcending the personal devastation that comes from always playing it safe.

Reach out to her directly if you have questions OR ideas about how to bring the "Risk" movement to more women.