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Two Limited Time Offers to More Rapidly Realize Your Dreams
Each of these special Mercury Retrograde offers utilizes Results-Oriented Resonance Repatterning. Which combines Teri 20+ years of experience in energy psychology, shamanic astrology and joyful risk taking in power-packed, one-on-one sessions.

The Wildly Successful You package offers a single, power-packed individual session for immediate breakthroughs, while the Wildly Successful Life package provides a transformative series for lasting impact.
Wildly Successful You Repatterning Session:
The Wildly Successful You Repatterning Session is for those ready to take the next step in their personal growth journey, we're offering you a one-on-one private session, you'll receive tailored guidance and support to continue your transformational journey.

Special Offer Details:
Normally priced at $175 per single private session, the "Wildly Successful You" Repatterning Session is available to you at a special introductory investment of $125.

Shift Your Energy and Transform Your Life:
⭐ Shifts in specific thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.
⭐ Clearing of destructive patterns and unconscious blocks.
⭐ Establishment of increased clarity and centeredness.
Renewal of your energy at a deep level.
⭐ Creation of beneficial insights in the days and weeks after your session.
Wildly Successful Life: Three Resonance Repatterning Sessions for Transformational Results:
The Wildly Successful Life Program will help unlock your full potential and embrace a life of abundance with our exclusive 3-session program. Experience profound shifts in your relationships, wealth, and overall fulfillment.

Shift Your Energy and Transform Your Life:
The Wildly Successful Life package is tailored for those committed to substantial growth and transformation. With a series of three Resonance Repatterning sessions, you'll embark on a journey of profound change and lasting impact. Each session is designed to shift specific thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, clearing destructive blocks and fostering increased clarity and centeredness. Experience a deep renewal of energy and gain beneficial insights that continue to unfold long after your sessions.

Special Offer Details

Normally priced at $450, this exclusive package is available for a special introductory investment of $300. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life.

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Wildly Successful You: A Single Power-Packed Transformational Resonance Repatterning Session w/ Teri
Teri Bybee
Teri Bybee is the founder of The Risk Repatterning Initiative and Women Who Risk. She brings her track record as an accomplished facilitator with 21 years of experience teaching, training and coaching.

The Risk Repatterning Initiative is about rising above old patterns that no longer serve so we can finally embrace all of our power and all of who we are as women.

Teri has an immense desire to support women in joyfully taking risks, overcoming their fears and transcending the personal devastation that comes from always playing it safe.

Reach out to her directly if you have questions OR ideas about how to bring the "Risk" movement to more women.