Mercury Retrograde Group Resonance Repatterning
Mercury in Retrograde is typically a time when our normal mode of communication feels more fragile. Technology doesn't work as well if it works at all. The opportunity is that Mercury retrograde is a time for more right brain, intuitive and creative expression.

I don't know about you but I see this playing out all around us!

So…With Mercury in Scorpio & retrograding back to Libra these are the questions I ask you to consider in order to get the most transformation out of the Group Resonance Repatterning,

Please limit yourself to 1-2 responses for each question allowing all participants to be heard.
Your Problem Statement
In what ways are you (your feelings) most triggered causing miscommunication &/or blame?
Intention Statement
What is your intention around cooperation and compromise ideally creating relational harmony within and without?
Your Name
Just share your name and hit submit and I cant wait to connect with you via the Repatterning Session.
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