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Teri Bybee empowers ambitious, heart-centered women to overcome self-doubt & Imposter syndrome, take joyful risks and lead with unprecedented confidence!
For over 25 years, I've been Guiding women to Unleash greater levels of Inner Courage and achieve Unprecedented Success!
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As the driving force behind Women Who Risk, and with over two decades of dedicated experience in energy psychology, I've witnessed firsthand the unique challenges women encounter in their journey towards success. My passion lies in empowering women to navigate these challenges with confidence and courage using a unique combination of energy psychology, individual and group connection and mentoring.

Through initiatives like the Changing the World for Women Forums and my free Unlock Your Inner Courageous Leader gift, I strive to create spaces where women can come together, share experiences, and take risks (something that men do all the time!) to create their full potential. These platforms serve as catalysts for profound personal and professional growth, offering invaluable insights and strategies to help you thrive in every aspect of your life.

Whether it's through mentoring, coaching, or storytelling, my mission remains the same: to empower high-achieving professional women like you to define success on your terms, amplify your earnings, and lead with unprecedented confidence.

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Our Clients Love Us

  • Dr. Meggie Mapes
    University of Kansas / Meggie Mapes LLC

    "The Women Who Risk Leader Forums are a great example of Leading through Listening, which stand out as an empathetic innovation to traditional masculinist models of leadership with the power to open up new dimensions in creativity and sustainable productivity—to make more possible for women who lead and organizations committed to women leading."

  • Valerie Martinelli
    Bottom line is there are simply not enough of these kinds of conversations happening. What attracted me so much about Women Who Risk was the depth of the conversations and my strong feeling that we need to continue to have these conversations. We need to go deep if we want change."
  • Dr. Jan Kircher

    "Young women will find tremendous benefit in these forums, which will help them gain momentum toward their goals. The Women’s Leadership Forums help women find the connections, build the confidence and exhibit the courage they need to successfully navigate their personal and professional lives."

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Applying for a Risk Roadmap session with is the perfect step if you're ready to unlock your inner courage, break through barriers, and achieve unprecedented success.

These sessions are exclusively for women who are committed to embracing their potential and are prepared to take bold action towards their goals, even in the face of self-doubt, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome.

And because I'm dedicated to empowering as many women as possible, there is no fee for this session.

Here is my commitment to YOU: You will leave this session:
  • Clarity
    finally having clarity on exactly what success means for you
  • Action
    with clear action steps to tackle your goals with confidence despite self-doubt
  • Empowered
    feeling energized, excited and empowered to move forward and take joyful risk.
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